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Take Action: Empowerment Through Action 

Welcome to the Moonshot Press’s Citizen Engagement section, a comprehensive guide designed to empower you in personal health management, social responsibility, and political activism. These actions  are divided into three key areas: Get Personal, Get Social, and Get Political. Each area provides resources and actions to help you engage effectively in creating a healthier community and society.

Join Moonshot Press in championing a future where everyone can achieve their fullest potential. Your actions, big or small, play a pivotal role in shaping a society focused on health, well-being, and opportunity for all.

Get Personal 


Information and tools for personal well being

Get Social 

Information and tools for engaging in your community

Get Political 

Information and tools for engaging political locally and beyond

Here's how you can be part of this transformative journey:

Get Personal: Wellness at Your Fingertips

  • Understanding Your Health Needs: Personal health is unique to each individual. We offer resources to help you understand and manage your health, catering to all life stages and conditions.

  • Tools and Resources: Access a curated selection of scientific research and health resources. These tools are designed to help you establish your health baseline and create a plan for maintaining and improving your well-being.

  • Digital Health Technology: Embrace cutting-edge digital tools to support your journey toward optimal health. Our platform connects you to the latest in health technology, empowering you with information to take charge of your health.


Get Social: Strengthen Your Community

  • Community Health Initiatives: Take action within your community to promote better living environments and improve care quality. Your involvement can make a difference.

  • Collaborate for Change: Learn how to unite with your neighbors and take part in health initiatives nationwide. Together, we can push for meaningful reform in the healthcare system.

  • Active Projects Participation: Discover and participate in projects like "Getting to Zero by 2026," aimed at enhancing medical care safety. Your contribution is key to achieving our collective health objectives.


Get Political: Advocate for Systematic Change

  • Civic Duty and Political Advocacy: The state of our democracy profoundly affects healthcare policies. Becoming an informed and active citizen is essential in advocating for policies that prioritize public well-being over special interests.

  • Resources for Political Engagement: Gain the tools and knowledge needed to effectively engage in the political process. Learn how to make your voice heard, influence healthcare policy, and hold leaders accountable.

  • Your Role in Shaping Policy: Engage with the political system to advocate for a framework that supports holistic well-being. Your participation can help realize the potential for a comprehensive approach to health.


How You Can Make a Difference with Moonshot Press:

  • Contribute with Evidence-Based Information: Share your expertise to help shape our health strategies. We welcome input from healthcare professionals, researchers, and informed citizens.

  • Participate in Town Hall Meetings: Voice your ideas and collaborate on policy development. Your insights are crucial in creating inclusive and effective health policies.

  • Demand Transparency and Accountability: Advocate for openness and responsibility from healthcare providers and policymakers. A transparent system is a trustworthy system.


At Moonshot Press, we believe in the power of collective action to foster a more informed, connected, and healthy society. Whether through personal health management, community collaboration, or political advocacy, your involvement is instrumental in driving forward our mission. Join us in this vital effort to create a brighter, healthier future for all.

My Citizen Toolbox


Tracers are analytical tools designed to trace and evaluate the experiences within a given system, drawing inspiration from medical practices. They provide a framework for assessing standards compliance and system effectiveness based on real-life scenarios.

  • Tracking the developmental trajectory 

  • Tracking policy associated with the first 1000 days 

  • Follow the money in the opioid epidemic



Moonshot Press emphasizes the importance of reliable data in elevating deliberative conversations, moving them from subjective opinions to discussions based on verifiable and reproducible facts.

Knowledge Base: Providing evidence-based data and resources to support informed decision-making and optimal child development.

Citizen briefs with updated evidence based information

  • Biological​

  • Psychological 

  • Environmental

  • Social

  • Political 



Checklists are strategic tools introduced to facilitate action-taking and interaction with various stakeholders in the political process. They serve as guides for citizens to perform tasks, evaluate information, and make decisions with clarity and confidence.

Easy to use way to translate research to personal action

  • Easy to use way to translate research to personal action

  • Checklist for assessing media articles

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