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Hospital Watch:Montgomery County
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Hospital Watch:  
Montgomery County 

Introducing Hospital Watch: Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Welcome to the "Hospital Watch" section of the Thriving in Montco PA initiative, a strategic endeavor by the Institute for Salutogenesis. Our mission here is bold and clear: to foster a healthcare system that truly reflects the needs and aspirations of all Americans.


Our Vision: Transformative Healthcare for All

A Collective Mission for Quality Care:
Hospital Watch embodies a commitment to creating a uniquely American healthcare system, one that promotes healthy individuals and communities while ensuring access to quality, affordable healthcare for everyone. We address a fundamental question: How can all stakeholders - patients, doctors, healthcare institutions, citizens, non-profits, government, and private sector corporations - collaborate to find effective solutions to the challenges facing our healthcare system?

Our Strategy: Reframing the Healthcare Conversation

From Individual Gains to Collective Well-being:
We aim to shift the healthcare dialogue from “What can I get?” to “What can we do together as citizens to achieve a healthcare system that is affordable and provides quality care for all?” This reframing is vital to foster a sense of shared responsibility and collective action.

Our Plan: Hospital Watch: Delaware Valley

Starting Point for Nationwide Change:
Beginning in April 2024, we will focus on the healthcare system in the Delaware Valley, launching "Hospital Watch: Delaware Valley". This multi-year initiative is the starting block for our ambitious goal: ensuring that by November 2026, all Americans live in healthy communities with access to excellent, safe, and affordable healthcare services.

Hospital in the Spotlight

Promoting Transparency and Patient Safety:
Our first project, "Hospital in the Spotlight", leverages publicly available data to present the patient safety records of hospitals in a user-friendly format. This initiative goes beyond just data presentation; we offer tools and strategies for individuals and organizations to take informed action.

Getting to ZERO by 2026

Actionable Treatment Plans:
Aligned with "Hospital in the Spotlight", we introduce the "Getting to ZERO hospital-associated medical conditions by 2026" treatment plan. This strategy provides a concrete roadmap for reducing hospital-associated medical conditions, guiding us towards our goal of zero incidents.

Join the Movement

Empowering Communities and Individuals:
Hospital Watch is not just a project; it's a movement. By providing tools, information, and strategies, we empower you to take an active role in shaping the healthcare landscape. Your participation is crucial in driving change and ensuring the well-being of our communities.Join us in this journey to revolutionize healthcare. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that our healthcare system becomes a beacon of quality, safety, and affordability for every American. Welcome to Hospital Watch – your platform for change in healthcare.

Starting April 2024

Join the Effort 



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