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Moonshot Press’s Thriving in Montco PA focus is a hyperlocal approach to implementing our moonshot, a world where democracy thrives by providing every individual, regardless of their background, with the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.  The effort  applies  Moonshot Press’s core principles and framework to a local setting. We're on a mission to nurture a healthy, vibrant community in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, starting from the very beginning of life.



We are dedicated to  a community where democracy thrives in Montco PA by providing every individual, regardless of their background, with the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

Moonshot Press Deliberative Platforms 

The Citizen Brief:

 A deliberative format, informed by The Talmud and The Brandeis Brief, that facilitates rich multi-participation and intergenerational information and framework for dialogue.A template for providing information and      resources that support citizen  understanding of their personal, social and political environment. 

Case Presentation​: 

A framework and process encourages citizens to engage in a healthy action-oriented collaborative process that addresses the complexity of the social and political challenges confronting our nation.


Citizen Commission:

The Citizen Commission framework and process  offers a dynamic, interactive, collaborative process that engages our fellow citizens to address the cultural, social political challenges through ongoing deliberation. 

Health of the Region

Welcome to Moonshot Press's Thriving in Montco PA Initiative

Empowering Montgomery County Towards a Vibrant Democracy

Moonshot Press proudly introduces "Thriving in Montco PA," our dedicated effort to foster a community where democracy flourishes, ensuring every individual, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential. Our vision is grounded in the belief that a vibrant, healthy democracy is built on the foundation of empowered citizens leading flourishing lives.

Our Mission: A Hyperlocal Approach to a Universal Vision

At Moonshot Press, we're committed to transforming Montgomery County and beyond into exemplars of our moonshot vision. By applying the first principles of American democracy, along with our core values and frameworks, we're taking a hyperlocal approach to make an expansive impact. Our initiatives leverage the salutogenic and citizenism paradigms, guiding principles that drive our efforts toward enhancing health and well-being as pivotal to thriving democracy.

Empowering Communities Through Key Areas of Focus

We're diving deep into areas critical for community empowerment:

  • Democracy of Opportunity: We spotlight the crucial first 1000 days of life, from conception to age two, focusing on holistic child development to set the foundation for a lifetime of opportunities.

  • My Healthy Montco: We aim to build a stronger, healthier Montgomery County by embracing the salutogenic model, enhancing community well-being through active engagement, environmental improvements, and proactive policy advocacy.

  • Healthcare System Transformation: We're reimagining healthcare in Montgomery County to prioritize wellness and well-being, aligning with our broader mission to support a thriving democracy.


Additionally, we're exploring the impact of technology on everyday life in Montco PA and assessing the media ecosystem's role in upholding the principles of democracy.


Join Our Year-Long Journey

Our journey begins with a focus on the pivotal first 1000 days of life, anchoring our exploration around two fundamental questions:

  • What are the core capabilities necessary for a flourishing life?

  • What do we owe the next generation?


The Moonshot Press Citizen Toolbox

To engage and empower, Moonshot Press offers a citizen toolbox and deliberation platforms, along with guidance for taking personal, social, and political actions. We're dedicated to establishing and reporting on indicators and outcomes that highlight how individuals and communities can thrive.

Join us in this transformative journey with Moonshot Press's Thriving in Montco PA. Together, we can lay the groundwork for a future where every child and citizen in Montgomery County has the chance to thrive and contribute to a robust democracy.


Invitation to Act:

Become a part of this critical initiative. Whether by enhancing your personal well-being, engaging in your community, or advocating for political change, your actions contribute to a brighter future for all. Let's create a legacy of health, empowerment, and democracy that will resonate for generations to come.

Moonshot Press is Launching soon.

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My Citizen Toolbox



  • Tracking the developmental trajectory 

  • Tracking policy associated with the first 1000 days 

  • Follow the money 



  • Easy to use way to translate research to personal action Learn more 


  • Citizen briefs with updated evidence based information

    • Biological​

    • Psychological 

    • Environmental

    • Social

    • Political 

Get Involved

Get Personal 


Information and tools for personal well being


Get Social 

Information and tools for engaging in your community

Get Political 

Information and tools for engaging political locally and beyond

Areas of Focus 

The First 1000 Days in Montco, PA

My Healthy


Healthcare Transformation

The Montco First 1000 Days initiative is at the forefront of reimagining perinatal and early childhood health and well-being within our community.

My Healthy Montco is your source for information and tools, to help your health journey. 


Leveraging the abundant healthcare assets of our region, we have the opportunity to build a healthcare system in the Delaware Valley that offers quality, affordable healthcare to all citizens, setting an example for the nation.


Moonshot Press is Launching soon.

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Ecosystem and Stakeholders: Mapping, visualizing and understanding the landscape and stakeholders associated with the Fist 1000 Days in Monco PA.   

Stakeholder Watch


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