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Nothing on this site is meant to constitute medical, financial, or legal advice. Or replace common sense. The writing on Moonshot Press including  this site, any social media accounts and AI generated content reflects the wholly personal views of  Moonshot Press  and not any organizations or institutions which I  or other contributors have ever been, currently am, or will ever be affiliated with.



About Moonshot Press

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Moonshot Press: Introduction 


Moonshot Press stands at the forefront of a transformative media movement, committed to redefining citizen engagement in our democracy. This initiative is more than a media venture; it represents a collective journey toward fostering a more informed, actively engaged, and vibrant democratic society. At its core, Moonshot Press embodies the Institute for Salutogenesis's mission to improve societal well-being through the prism of active citizen participation. It is underpinned by the Democracy of Opportunity concept, aspiring to a world where each individual, irrespective of their origins, is empowered to thrive and realize their utmost potential.

Our Moonshot: The Democracy of Opportunity 

Moonshot Press is anchored in the conviction that our society is capable of reaching unprecedented heights, envisioning bolder futures, and achieving remarkable feats together. Our approach is not about championing radical changes without forethought but about sparking meaningful dialogues and venturing into the untapped potentials of human capability. The Democracy of Opportunity that we advocate envisions a realm where every person, regardless of their background, is given the chance to prosper and achieve their greatest potential.


Learn more about Democracy of Opportunity 

Moonshot Press and  Artificial Intelligence 

Moonshot Press is at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the fabric of its journalistic endeavors, recognizing the immense potential of emerging technologies to enhance the quality, reach, and impact of its content. Our evolving approach to utilizing AI reflects a commitment to harnessing digital technology and the latest scientific insights to empower our writing and related activities.



Core Principles for Moonshot Press

Moonshot Press is driven by core principles that delineate its unique approach towards achieving our moonshot: democracy of opportunity. We embrace first principles:  empowering citizens, nurturing informed discourse, addressing pressing issues, and catalyzing societal change through innovative media and technological solutions.  

Read More About Our Core Principles 

Investor Corner 


Moonshot Media represents an innovative venture at the intersection of media and democracy, presenting a unique opportunity for discerning investors. At its core, Moonshot Media embodies a commitment to rejuvenate democratic engagement by fostering an informed and active citizenry.

Find out if you can invest  in Moonshot Press.

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One Big Idea: The Democracy of Opportunity Moonshot 

  • "What Are the Core Capabilities for a Flourishing Life?"

  • Lifelong Flourishing: Laying the groundwork for personal and communal well-being.


Two Paradigms: paradigm noun : a philosophical and theoretical framework of a scientific school or discipline within which theories, laws, and generalizations and the experiments performed in support of them are formulated


  • Citizenism Paradigm: The citizen role within the political system 

  • Salutogenic Paradigm: The factors that facilitate health and well being 


Three Deliberation Platforms

  1. The Citizen Brief: A deliberative format, informed by The Talmud and The Brandeis Brief, that facilitates rich multi-participation and intergenerational information. 

  2. The Case Presentation: A solution oriented deliberative format based on The Medical Case presentation process that facilitates identifying underlying causes and crowdsources treatment for complex situations. 

  3. The Citizen Commission:  A deliberative framework that offers a dynamic, interactive, collaborative process that engages our fellow citizens to address the cultural, social, political challenges 


Four Tools In the Citizen Toolbox

  1. Checklist: Strategic tools introduced to facilitate action-taking for your personal activities and interaction with various stakeholders in the political process. 

  2. Data: Reliable data and information serve as the foundation for objective, informed discussions and decision-making. 

  3. Tracers: Analytical tools designed to trace and evaluate the experiences within a given system, drawing inspiration from medical practices. 

  4. Ecosystem: Tools that provide a comprehensive overview of the political and public stakeholders, their relationships  and  institutions that shape citizens' lives.


Five Areas of Focus

1. Democracy of Opportunity: The First 1000 Days Focuses on optimizing the critical first 1000 days of life, from conception to age two, for holistic child development. 

2. Healthy Communities: Building stronger, healthier communities through collective action. Utilizes the salutogenic model to enhance community well-being through engagement, environmental improvements, and policy advocacy. 

  • The Salutogenic Community:  Thriving in Montco PA 

3. Healthcare System Transformation: A healthcare system that meets everyone's needs. Transforms the healthcare model to focus on wellness and prevention, supporting individuals' holistic health.

4. Technology and Democracy: Exploring the role of digital technology and  addressing the challenges and opportunities of AI in democracy, focusing on ethical use and media literacy

  • AI in shaping our private and public spheres.

5. The Media in the Age of Artificial Intelligence  Enhances public understanding of media's role in democracy and promotes critical engagement with news sources

  •  The New York Times Vs. Open AI 


Six Ways to Take Action

1. Get Personal, 2. Get Social, 3. Get Political

4. Observer 5.Participant and  6. Founder/ Investors 


Seven Outcome Measures: Toward a Gross Flourishing Product 

  • Health of the Person, Community and Nation 

  • Measuring our Outcomes

Putting Principles into Practice: One to Seven 

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