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The First 1000 Days  
Nurturing Life's Vital Beginning 


Welcome to Moonshot Press’s Thriving in Montco PA: The First 1000 Days of Life Initiative. Our mission is to ignite a hyperlocal movement, fostering a world where democracy flourishes and every individual, irrespective of their background, can achieve their highest potential. We believe that nurturing democracy begins with the well-being of our youngest citizens.

Background: Join us on a transformative journey with the Institute for Salutogenesis’s Montco First 1000 Days Project. In the heart of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, we’re pioneering a new vision for perinatal and early childhood health. From conception to a child’s second birthday, we’re dedicated to enhancing community health and well-being.

Our Vision: At the core of our Democracy of Opportunity Initiative is the belief that early life is pivotal in shaping lifelong health and prosperity. The First 1000 Days focus is a cornerstone of this initiative, offering a strategic approach to empower citizens and nurture a thriving society. We harness insights from diverse fields to foster each individual’s inherent strengths during this vital period.

Our Goal: We aim to craft strategies that enable individuals to thrive by understanding and influencing the factors that shape child development and well-being.

Our Approach: Guided by critical questions, our initiative seeks to understand the essential capabilities for a thriving life, identify the means to achieve them, and assess the influence of early life events on realizing these capabilities. We’re committed to enhancing well-being, evaluating the impact of policy interventions, and ensuring beneficial outcomes for all.

The Context: The First 1000 Days Montco PA, a project of  the Institute for Salutogenesis, adopts a salutogenic model, emphasizing factors that promote health and resilience. This multiyear project aspires to cultivate healthy communities and a supportive political environment that uplifts every citizen.

The Questions We Explore:

  1. How do we ethically address the first 1000 days of life?

  2. What are the markers of a flourishing life in its early stages?

  3. How can we improve the life trajectory for every individual?

  4. What roles do individuals, communities, and policymakers play in enhancing the democracy of opportunity?


Key Points:

  • The initial 1000 days of life are critical for lifelong success.

  • An infant’s biology and social environment are integral to their development.

  • A robust democracy depends on the active participation of its citizens.


The Goal Reiterated: Our goal is to lay the groundwork for all Americans to lead healthy, prosperous, and fulfilling lives.

Our Mission Statement: Building the Foundation for Thriving Individuals and Communities. We commit to leveraging cutting-edge tools and data to deliver evidence-based information precisely when it’s needed most.

Join us in shaping a brighter future for the next generation, right here in Montco PA. Together, we can turn our moonshot into a reality.


Join the Movement for Health and Democracy of Opportunity ​

The Montco First 1000 Days Initiative isn't just a program—it's a rallying call to all who envision a healthier, happier, and equitable community. Your involvement is critical. Join us in redefining well-being for our youngest members, ensuring a future where every child can reach their fullest potential.

Let's Nurture the Next Generation Together​

Join us in this movement. Together, we can craft a future where health, happiness, and opportunity are not aspirations but guarantees for every child. It's a collective effort, one where each step we take today makes a world of difference for every child's tomorrow.

Whole Person Salutogenic Assistant 

 The 360 Degrees Approach

Digital Twin 

Knowledge Base
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The First 1000 Days Gets Going 

The Institute of Salutogenesis launches the Montco PA First 1000 Days of Life Initiative is an ambitious endeavor aimed at optimizing the well-being and developmental outcomes of individuals during the critical early period from preconception to 24 months of age. This initiative recognizes the significant impact of the first 1000 days on individual health, well-being, and long-term outcomes in most spheres of life. By focusing on this crucial period, we aim to lay the foundations for individuals to thrive and flourish throughout their lives.



What Do We Owe the Next Generation?

Through an integrated examination of the philosophical, political, biological and spiritual aspects surrounding the notion of "What We Owe the Newborns," this effort seeks to foster a deeper understanding of the complex tapestry of obligations and opportunities within our democratic society. By embarking on this exploration, we aspire to contribute to the ongoing dialogue on promoting a society where every newborn is embraced with care, compassion, and the promise of a democratic future filled with flourishing opportunities.   Learn More

Our Agenda

July: Introduction  to The Institute for Salutogenesis 

The Democracy of Opportunity Moonshot

The Salutogenic and Citizenism  Paradigms 

Launch: Moonshot Press

Deliberative Formats & Citizen Tool Box​

Biological Factors


August: The Salutogenic Individual

Focus: Core capacities for a flourishing life 

The theoretical aspects of  the first 1000 days  of life

Dialogue and Deliberation: What Do We Owe the New Generation?          

Dialogue and Deliberation: What are the core capabilities for a flourishing life? 

Psychological Factors


September: The Salutogenic  Community

The Salutogenic Individual in their  Community

 Social Factors


October: The Whole Person Salutogenic Assistant

Evidence based and guidelines: The Salutogenic Assistant's Knowledge Base

Political Factors

November: The Whole Person Salutogenic Assistant

The Salutogenic Community : The local  platform 

My Healthy Montco PA 

The Ecosystem and  Stakeholders

 Health of the Region 

Contact us for full agenda and Strategic Plan 

Ecosystem and Stakeholders: Mapping, visualizing and understanding the landscape and stakeholders associated with the First 1000 Days in Montco PA.   

Stakeholder Watch





Healthcare System 






Stakeholder in the Spotlight 

Healthcare System 

Get Involved

Get Personal 


Information and tools for personal well being

Get Social 

Information and tools for engaging in your community

Get Political 

Information and tools for engaging political locally and beyond

News and Updates


State Interagency Coordinating Council of Early Intervention (SICC)

Representative Liz Hanbidge from the 61st Legislative District in Montgomery County was appointed by  Governor Josh Shapiro to be a member of the State Interagency Coordinating Council of Early Intervention (SICC). SICC advises and assists the Department of Health, Pennsylvania Department of Education and the Department of Human Services to ensure a system of comprehensive and integrated early intervention services is available to all eligible infants, toddlers, young children and their families.

Health of the Region


The First 1000 Days of Life Long Flourishing:  Personal Reflections

We are pioneering a path to a future where every child is nurtured from the start, in a community that supports their growth and caters to their needs during these formative years. Our mission is to ensure that every child, especially in their first 1000 days, thrives in an environment that's rich in care, opportunity, and support.     Participate 

Why Democracy of Opportunity?​

Democracy of Opportunity recognizes the fundamental need to ensure equal opportunities, rights, and well-being for all individuals. It provides a comprehensive framework, tools, and resources that empower individuals to participate fully in society and foster engaged communities. By addressing systemic inequalities and breaking down social barriers, the initiative aims to create an environment that enables every citizen to flourish and actively contribute to shaping a vibrant and inclusive democracy.

What Do We Owe The New Borns?

As we embark on the exploration of "What We Owe the Newborns" in the pursuit of a democracy of opportunity, we delve into a profound inquiry that encompasses philosophical, political, and spiritual dimensions. This effort aims to investigate the moral and societal obligations we bear towards newborn citizens, to ensure their flourishing and equal access to opportunities in a democratic society.

Is it Time to Move From DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)  to DOO (Democracy of Opportunity)?

The Democracy of Opportunity for Flourishing Citizens initiative offers a hopeful and inclusive path forward. It’s a response to the shortcomings and critiques of traditional DEI approaches, proposing a more holistic and proactive method for fostering a society where every individual has the opportunity to flourish. By focusing on empowerment, engagement, and well-rounded development, DOO sets the stage for a vibrant, equitable democracy where all citizens can realize their fullest potential.


The First 1000 Days  Through the Salutogenic Lens 

The salutogenic approach focuses on understanding and promoting health and well-being by examining the factors that contribute to a sense of coherence, which is a person's perception that life's challenges are comprehensible, manageable, and meaningful. The salutogenic formulation can be utilized in promoting democracy of opportunity by emphasizing the importance of creating conditions that enable individuals to thrive and participate fully in society. 

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