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Join the Moonshot Press Effort

At Moonshot Press, we believe that every individual has the power to contribute to a more informed, engaged, and inclusive society. Your participation is vital to our collective endeavor to shape a brighter, more democratic future. Here's how you can become an integral part of Moonshot Press's mission:

  • Get Personal: Share your experiences and stories. Personal narratives are powerful tools for change, providing real-life contexts to abstract issues.

  • Get Social: Leverage your social media platforms to spread the word about Moonshot Press's initiatives, engage with content, and invite others to join the movement.

  • Get Political: Utilize the tools and insights gained through Moonshot Press to engage in political discourse, advocate for policies that reflect the principles of Salutogenesis, and participate in civic activities that shape the democratic landscape.

Observer: Stay Informed and Engaged

  • Action: Sign up to receive updates from Moonshot Press to keep abreast of the latest developments, insights, and discussions. This is an ideal starting point for those who wish to follow the journey from the sidelines.

  • Implementation: Visit the Moonshot Press website and subscribe using your email. You'll receive regular newsletters, articles, and announcements directly to your inbox.

  • Benefits: As an observer, you'll gain access to a wealth of information and insights, helping you stay informed about pressing societal issues and Moonshot Press's initiatives.

Participant: Actively Engage and Contribute

  • Action: Dive deeper by participating in events, workshops, and forums organized by Moonshot Press. Test public products, engage in discussions, and utilize the Citizen Toolbox to make your voice heard.

  • Implementation: Complete the interest form on the Moonshot Press website to join specific events and initiatives. Look out for invitations to participate in various activities and discussions.

  • Benefits: Participants have the opportunity to contribute their perspectives, learn from others, and be part of a community striving for meaningful change. Your involvement can directly influence the discourse and outcomes of Moonshot Press's projects.

Founder & Framer: Lead and Shape the Journey

  • Action: Take on a more significant role by becoming a Founder & Framer. This level of involvement allows you to influence the direction of Moonshot Press, from choosing topics for exploration to organizing events and advocacy initiatives.

  • Implementation: Express your interest in becoming a Founder & Framer through the Moonshot Press website. This may involve additional forms or applications, detailing your vision and how you wish to contribute.

  • Benefits: Founders & Framers are at the forefront of Moonshot Press's efforts, leading projects that drive societal change. This role offers a unique chance to advocate for future generations, craft a Democracy of Opportunity, and leave a lasting impact on the media ecosystem.

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Let us know how you would like to take part with The Institute for Salutogenesis. We look forward to have you part of the effort.  ( Less then 2 minutes to complete)  Click here if the form doesn't appear. 

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