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Democracy: Challenges and Opportunity 

Setting the Foundation With 

The First 1000 Days of Life

Events for Enhancing Democracy 

"What Are the Core Capabilities for a Flourishing Life?"

On going discussion 

Welcome to our discussion on "What Are the Core Capabilities for a Flourishing Life?" This forum is a space for exploring the essential skills and attributes that lay the groundwork for a thriving existence.


What core capabilities are required for a thriving life?

What can be done to achieve core capabilities for the new generation?

Enter the conversation


What Do We Owe the Next Generation?

Welcome to our forum on "What Do We Owe the Next Generation?" This conversation opens a crucial dialogue on our collective responsibility towards newborns, encompassing not just their immediate physical needs but also their right to a future filled with opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

In this space, we explore how physical, ethical, social, and even spiritual considerations inform our duty to ensure every child can live a healthy, rewarding life. Given that newborns can't speak up for their own interests, it falls upon us to advocate on their behalf, ensuring they're given every chance to develop their full potential.

What is the impact of events occurring during the first 1000 days? 


How can we anticipate and address unintended consequences of policy interventions related to the first 1000 days of life?  


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Welcome to the Democracy of Opportunity Initiative at Moonshot Press. Here, we are driven by a vision to cultivate a society where every individual, regardless of their background, has the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential. This initiative is grounded in our moonshot goal of nurturing a vibrant and healthy democracy through the innovative and thoughtful application of the salutogenic paradigm.

Our Commitment:

Our mission is to empower communities by leveraging a broad and hyperlocal approach, ensuring that the rapid advancements in our environment enrich rather than diminish the quality of life for future generations. We are committed to providing every individual the tools they need to thrive in a democracy that cherishes freedom and equality.

Key Areas of Focus:

  1. Early Foundations: We place a significant emphasis on the first 1000 days of life—from conception to age two—as a critical period for holistic child development. Our action plan includes developing knowledge base,  educational programs for parents, advocating for supportive policies, and ensuring comprehensive caregiver support, setting a robust foundation for lifelong health and learning.

  2. Empowering Communities: Understanding that a thriving democracy relies on the well-being of its citizens, we focus on enhancing community health through improved access to healthcare, promotion of healthy lifestyles, and mitigation of societal factors impacting health. Our initiatives aim to empower individuals and communities to actively participate in shaping their environments.

  3. Nurturing Political Agency: At the core of our initiative is the enhancement of political agency among citizens. We provide tools and resources to encourage active participation in the personal, social, and political spheres, fostering a more engaged and informed citizenry.


Our Vision:

Imagine a community where every individual has the resources and opportunities necessary to thrive. Our vision is to transform this imagination into reality by addressing the comprehensive needs of our community members, starting from the earliest stages of life.

Join Our Mission:

Discover how you can contribute to the Democracy of Opportunity Initiative. Whether through participating in community programs, engaging in policy development, or simply educating yourself and others about the importance of early life development, your involvement is crucial. Together, we can build a future where democracy not only survives but thrives, powered by well-informed and actively involved citizens.


The Democracy of Opportunity Initiative is more than just a program—it's a movement. By integrating efforts across healthcare, education, and civic engagement, we aim to lay down the foundational pillars for a society that values and actualizes the potential of every citizen. Join us on this transformative journey, and help us shape a world where every individual has the opportunity to live a flourishing life within a robust democracy.


































My Healthy Montco PA. First 1000 Days 

At the heart of "Thriving in Montco PA" lies the "Montco First 1000 Days Project." This transformative initiative focuses on the critical first 1,000 days of life, a period when the brain and body are rapidly developing, laying the foundation for future health, happiness, and cognitive abilities.


Thrive  The Montco PA.jpg

Get Involved

Get Personal 


Information and tools for personal well being

Get Social 

Information and tools for engaging in your community

Get Political 

Information and tools for engaging political locally and beyond

Citizen Toolbox for Democracy

Citizen toolboxes in general and digital tools in particular enhance the role of the citizen within their political ecosystem. These tools, directed at improving democracy are needed now more than ever. When it comes to our political life, the potential of digital technology to enrich American Democracy and provide 21st-century solutions to the complex  challenges confronting the United States is yet to be fully developed. From participation in the political process to engaging citizens in decision making and policy formulation, digital technology can be leveraged on the local, national and global level.   The Citizen Toolbox introduces a set of “tools” to  improve citizen engagement. These tools allow unprecedented opportunity to get access to information, mobilize, challenge misinformation and provide for a more deliberative dialogue. 


Tracers are analytical tools designed to trace and evaluate the experiences within a given system, drawing inspiration from medical practices. They provide a framework for assessing standards compliance and system effectiveness based on real-life scenarios.


Moonshot Press emphasizes the importance of reliable data in elevating deliberative conversations, moving them from subjective opinions to discussions based on verifiable and reproducible facts.



Checklists are strategic tools introduced to facilitate action-taking and interaction with various stakeholders in the political process. They serve as guides for citizens to perform tasks, evaluate information, and make decisions with clarity and confidence.


In order to actively participate in our politics, locally, state, and nationally (Globally) we need to be informed about political and public institutions, our representatives, and other government officials. My Political Ecosystem provides easy access to your specific ecosystem from local to national as well as the tools to actively participate in our democracy.

Our Agenda

July: Introduction  to The Institute for Salutogenesis 

The Democracy of Opportunity Moonshot

The Salutogenic and Citizenism  Paradigms 

Launch: Moonshot Press

Deliberative Formats & Citizen Tool Box​

Biological Factors


August: The Salutogenic Individual

Focus: Core capacities for a flourishing life 

The theoretical aspects of  the first 1000 days  of life

Dialogue and Deliberation: What Do We Owe the New Generation?          

Dialogue and Deliberation: What are the core capabilities for a flourishing life? 

Psychological Factors


September: The Salutogenic  Community

The Salutogenic Individual in their  Community

 Social Factors


October: The Whole Person Salutogenic Assistant

Evidence based and guidelines: The Salutogenic Assistant's Knowledge Base

Political Factors

November: The Whole Person Salutogenic Assistant

The Salutogenic Community : The local  platform 

My Healthy Montco PA 

The Ecosystem and  Stakeholders

 Health of the Region 

Contact us for full agenda and Strategic Plan 

Screen Shot 2024-04-10 at 10.22.45 AM.png

Health of the Nation

The Health of the Nation provides ongoing data and information that is relevant to the challenges facing our nation and the process and resources addressing them. We provide information where available and seek to create a political process to develop the needed data sources for public use.

DALL·E 2024-01-06 15.57.36 - Illustration of a person sitting at a desk, surrounded by boo

Knowledge Base for the First 1000 Days:

Providing evidence-based data and resources to support informed decision-making and optimal child development.

Domains for evidence based information

News and Updates

Organoids made from amniotic fluid will tell us how fetuses develop

The new technique lets researchers “access the fetus without touching the fetus” and could help spot certain conditions earlier.

By  Cassandra Willyard  March 4, 2024 MIT Technology Review

Being Born Even a Bit Early Could Harm a Child's Development

By HealthDay Jan. 26, 2024

Babies born moderately or late preterm showed higher risks for any developmental impairment than those born at full-term, results showed.

That included a nearly five-fold increased risk of motor impairment and a nearly two-fold increased risk of epilepsy for children born moderately preterm, the study found. The results were published Jan. 24 in the BMJ journal.

Periodic Reflections Published on the Substack Platform 

Why Democracy of Opportunity?

Democracy of Opportunity recognizes the fundamental need to ensure equal opportunities, rights, and well-being for all individuals. It provides a comprehensive framework, tools, and resources that empower individuals to participate fully in society and foster engaged communities. By addressing systemic inequalities and breaking down social barriers, the initiative aims to create an environment that enables every citizen to flourish and actively contribute to shaping a vibrant and inclusive democracy.

The Challenge and Opportunity of Digital Technology and Social Media for Western Democracy

The invention of the Gutenberg Press marked a pivotal moment in human history, facilitating not only the spread of religious texts but also the proliferation of diverse forms of information, including the early scientific journals that fueled the scientific revolution. This technological advancement helped disseminate ideas that reshaped governments and enabled public participation in political processes, notably through influential publications like The Federalist Papers during the U.S. Constitution's ratification. As we navigate the second decade of the digital revolution, we find ourselves at a juncture that may well surpass the influence of the Gutenberg Press. Our challenge is to harness these advancements to enhance citizen dialogue and uphold the promise of democracy.

What Do We Owe the Next Generations?
As we embark on the exploration of "What We Owe the Next Generations" in the pursuit of a democracy of opportunity, we delve into a profound inquiry that encompasses philosophical, political, and spiritual dimensions. This effort aims to investigate the moral and societal obligations we bear towards newborn citizens, to ensure their flourishing and equal access to opportunities in a democratic society.


The First 1000 Days of Life Long Flourishing

Within the Moonshot Press, the First 1000 Days focus plays a vital role in setting the foundations for individuals to attain core capabilities. This initiative recognizes the critical importance of the early period from preconception to 24 months of age in shaping an individual's physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being.

The Salutogenic Approaches to the First 1000 Days: Setting the Foundation for a Flourishing Life

The First 1000 Days of Life is a critical period that plays a significant role in shaping an individual's health, well-being, and future outcomes. To optimize the potential for impacting the positive development during this period, the integration of salutogenic approaches is essential. The salutogenic paradigm, informed by key components such as the Sense of Coherence, Generalized Resistance Resources, Specific Resistance Resources, and the understanding of Health in the River of Life, provides a comprehensive framework for promoting well-being and resilience throughout the life course. The salutogenic paradigm provides a lens through which foundations are established for achieving core capabilities required for meaningful functioning consistent with an individual's goals. 


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