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Welcome to Moonshot Press: Powering Democracy of Opportunity for All Citizens 

As we prepare to launch Moonshot Press in July 2024, our mission is clear: to offer you a transformative media experience that not only informs but also empowers you, the citizen, to effectively navigate and shape the democratic discourse around you. This brief introduction is your guide to our innovative content and interactive platforms, designed to engage and inspire action.

What is Moonshot Press?

Moonshot Press is not just another media outlet; it's a bold venture aimed at redefining the role of media in democracy. Inspired by the "Democracy of Opportunity Moonshot," our project is committed to creating a world where every individual, regardless of background, has the chance to thrive. We aim to go beyond traditional journalistic goals, empowering you to actively engage in and influence our democracy.

Our Vision

We see Moonshot Press as a revolutionary project that champions the informed and active citizen. By providing a dynamic platform for dialogue on key societal issues, we aim to inspire collective action and uphold the principles of a vibrant democracy. Join us to explore, engage, and influence.

Why Engage with Moonshot Press?

Moonshot Press is founded on the belief that democracy flourishes with well-informed and actively involved citizens. Your participation and collaboration are crucial in reinforcing democratic values and shaping a brighter future for all. We invite you to become a part of Moonshot Press, your portal to empowered citizenship.

Join us as we embark on this transformative journey, aiming to realize a society where Democracy of Opportunity is not just an aspiration but a lived reality for every member of our community

News and Updates



Building on the understanding of what promotes a healthy individual and community, our focus is to transform the healthcare system to one that  supports individuals' health and well being.

Focus Areas for  Moonshot Press 

Moonshot Press consists of interconnected initiatives, programs, and focus areas , all aimed at enhancing citizen empowerment and championing the foundational principles of the Declaration of Independence, such as equality, people's sovereignty, and fostering human flourishing through a citizen-centered approach.



The democracy  represents an ambitious journey toward reimagining what it means for every citizen to have the chance to thrive. Anchored in the belief that the first 1000 days of life are critical, this initiative seeks to harness a wide array of influences—from biological to political—to unlock every individual's potential from the very start. We start with focusing on optimizing the critical first 1000 days of life, from conception to age two, for holistic child development and foundation for flourishing individuals. 

Questions addressed:

What do we owe the next generations? 

What are core capabilities for flourishing lives?


Building on the understanding of what promotes a healthy individual and community, our focus is to transform the healthcare system to one that  supports individuals' health and well being.



The community that is best situated to provide an environment for  wellbeing is the combination of social, economic, environmental, cultural, and political conditions identified as essential for them to flourish and fulfill their potential.

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Digital Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) stand on the brink of reshaping our future, holding profound implications for social and political landscapes. As we navigate this new era, the Moonshot Press commits to exploring the intricacies of these advancements, focusing on their potential to both challenge and enhance the democratic process.


The challenges that guide us

How to leverage technology for flourishing citizens?

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Through the Media Landscape initiative, Moonshot Press aims to illuminate the complexities of the current media environment, advocating for a more informed, engaged, and critical audience. By examining the media's role in democracy and offering Moonshot Press as a model for credible reporting, the initiative seeks to contribute to a healthier, more constructive public discourse.

Moonshot Press is Launching July 2024.

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Hyperlocal Moonshot Press

Thriving in Montco PA, a hyperlocal approach to implementing our moonshot, is a test of applying Moonshot Press in the local setting. We're on a mission to nurture a healthy, vibrant community in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, starting from the very beginning of life.

 Launching Montco PA First 1000 Days of Life 

The Institute for Salutogenesis, a new organization dedicated to fostering well-being and growth, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking initiative, "Thriving in Montco PA." This ambitious project  aims to revolutionize perinatal and early childhood health in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, setting a new standard for nurturing children's potential from the very first moments of life.

Learn More 

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What should be the role of the press in a democratic society in the Age of AI?

We believe that the media must  play a crucial role in American democracy by providing citizens with the information they need to make informed decisions and hold their elected officials accountable. 

 Learn More

Periodic Reflections Published on the Substack Platform 

Why Democracy of Opportunity?

Democracy of Opportunity recognizes the fundamental need to ensure equal opportunities, rights, and well-being for all individuals. It provides a comprehensive framework, tools, and resources that empower individuals to participate fully in society and foster engaged communities. By addressing systemic inequalities and breaking down social barriers, the initiative aims to create an environment that enables every citizen to flourish and actively contribute to shaping a vibrant and inclusive democracy.

The Challenge and Opportunity of Digital Technology and Social Media for Western Democracy

The invention of the Gutenberg Press marked a pivotal moment in human history, facilitating not only the spread of religious texts but also the proliferation of diverse forms of information, including the early scientific journals that fueled the scientific revolution. This technological advancement helped disseminate ideas that reshaped governments and enabled public participation in political processes, notably through influential publications like The Federalist Papers during the U.S. Constitution's ratification.

As we navigate the second decade of the digital revolution, we find ourselves at a juncture that may well surpass the influence of the Gutenberg Press. Our challenge is to harness these advancements to enhance citizen dialogue and uphold the promise of democracy.

What Do We Owe the Next Generations?
As we embark on the exploration of "What We Owe the Next Generations" in the pursuit of a democracy of opportunity, we delve into a profound inquiry that encompasses philosophical, political, and spiritual dimensions. This effort aims to investigate the moral and societal obligations we bear towards newborn citizens, to ensure their flourishing and equal access to opportunities in a democratic society.

The First 1000 Days of Life Long Flourishing

Within the Moonshot Press, the First 1000 Days focus plays a vital role in setting the foundations for individuals to attain core capabilities. This initiative recognizes the critical importance of the early period from preconception to 24 months of age in shaping an individual's physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being.

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