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Core Principles for Moonshot Press
Moonshot Press is driven by core principles that delineate its unique approach towards achieving our moonshot: democracy of opportunity. We embrace first principles:  empowering citizens, nurturing informed discourse, addressing pressing issues, and catalyzing societal change through innovative media and technological solutions. Each principle not only guides the organization's strategic direction but also manifests in tangible actions and initiatives aimed at making a significant measurable impact.    Read More About Our Core Principles 

Our Moonshot: The Democracy of Opportunity 

Moonshot Press is anchored in the conviction that our society is capable of reaching unprecedented heights, envisioning bolder futures, and achieving remarkable feats together. Our approach is not about championing radical changes without forethought but about sparking meaningful dialogues and venturing into the untapped potentials of human capability. The Democracy of Opportunity that we advocate envisions a realm where every person, regardless of their background, is given the chance to prosper and achieve their greatest potential. Learn more about Democracy of Opportunity 

Moonshot Press Deliberative Platforms 

The Citizen Brief:

 A deliberative format, informed by The Talmud and The Brandeis Brief, that facilitates rich multi-participation and intergenerational information and framework for dialogue.A template for providing information and      resources that support citizen  understanding of their personal, social and political environment. 

Case Presentation​: 

A framework and process encourages citizens to engage in a healthy action-oriented collaborative process that addresses the complexity of the social and political challenges confronting our nation.


Citizen Commission:

The Citizen Commission framework and process  offers a dynamic, interactive, collaborative process that engages our fellow citizens to address the cultural, social political challenges through ongoing deliberation. 

Investor Corner 

Moonshot Media represents an innovative venture at the intersection of media and democracy, presenting a unique opportunity for discerning investors. At its core, Moonshot Media embodies a commitment to rejuvenate democratic engagement by fostering an informed and active citizenry.

Find out if you can be part of our journey.

Declaration of Independence 

The US Constitution 

Focus Areas for  Moonshot Press 

Moonshot Press is set to unveil a series of interconnected initiatives, programs, and focus areas over the coming years, all aimed at enhancing citizen empowerment and championing the foundational principles of the Declaration of Independence, such as equality, people's sovereignty, and fostering human flourishing through a citizen-centered approach.

  • Democracy: Democracy for Lifelong Flourishing: Laying the groundwork for personal and communal well-being.

  • Community Wellbeing Building stronger, healthier communities through collective action.

  • Healthcare : Advocating for a healthcare system that meets everyone's needs.

  • Media: Reinforcing the role of the press in democratic discourse.

  • Technology: Exploring the role of digital technology and AI in shaping our public sphere.

Learn More About Our Initiatives 

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Welcome to Moonshot Press, where we believe in the power of informed and engaged citizens to strengthen democracy and create a shared, brighter future. Here, your voice, collaboration, and action fuel our mission to enrich public discourse and empower community involvement. Discover how you can become a more empowered citizen with Moonshot Press.

The foundations of liberal democracy, which have underpinned human progress and stability for centuries, are facing unprecedented challenges. In these pivotal times, we ask:


How can our democratic system evolve to continue delivering on the promise (first principles)  of freedom and equality as envisioned in the Declaration of Independence nearly 250 years ago?

At the heart of our mission is the "Democracy of Opportunity" — a belief that everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, should have equal access to the resources and opportunities needed to thrive and reach their highest potential. Our dialogue begins with a critical focus on the first 1000 days of life, laying the groundwork for individual development within a flourishing democracy.

First Principles:

  • A free press is essential for a thriving democracy.

  • Today's press faces significant challenges that we're poised to address.

  • A healthy democracy relies on individuals ready to engage meaningfully in public life.


Join Our Movement: Together, we can effect real change. By joining Moonshot Press, you're taking a step towards a more informed and engaged society. Start your journey with us by subscribing today, and let's make a lasting impact.

Get Involved: Learn more about our mission, strategy, and how our platform supports these critical areas. Discover how you can contribute to this vibrant movement and help shape the future.

At Moonshot Press, your engagement is not just welcomed—it's vital. Explore our site to find out how you can join us in this important work. Together, let's empower citizens and forge a path towards a more democratic world.

Moonshot Press Use of Digital Technology and Artificial Intelligence 

Moonshot Press is pioneering the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technology into the realm of journalism, underscoring the transformative power these advancements hold for enhancing the quality, reach, and influence of media content. Our strategic adoption of AI reflects a deep commitment to leveraging cutting-edge digital innovations and scientific insights to augment our storytelling and editorial processes.

Learn more how we integrate AI and digital technology into the fabric of Moonshot Press.

News and Updates





The Pew-Knight Initiative supports new research on how Americans absorb civic information, form beliefs and identities, and engage in their communities.

Pew-Knight Initiative seeks to empower Americans seeking to navigate the current media and technology landscape and to provide critical insights to news providers seeking to serve citizens more effectively. In this era of technological disruption, Americans must be able to discern reliable information amidst ever-evolving platforms to effectively engage with their communities. 

“High-quality news and information are essential to an effective and stable democracy. Our partnership with Knight Foundation allows us to explore the changing ways people get information with rigorous, innovative methods and a long-range focus.”



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Hyperlocal Moonshot Press

Thriving in Montco PA, a hyperlocal approach to implementing our moonshot, is a test of applying Moonshot Press in the local setting. We're on a mission to nurture a healthy, vibrant community in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, starting from the very beginning of life.

Thrive  The Montco PA.jpg



What should be the role of the press in a democratic society in the Age of AI?

We believe that the media must  play a crucial role in American democracy by providing citizens with the information they need to make informed decisions and hold their elected officials accountable. 

The media landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, with the rise of social media and the proliferation of news sources with varying levels of credibility and objectivity. This has created challenges for consumers of news, who must be more critical and discerning in their evaluation of the information they receive. 

The Hutchins Commission’s  five essential mandates for the  press:


  • first, providing “a truthful, comprehensive, and intelligent account of the day’s events”;

  • second, furnishing a forum for discussion of “all the important viewpoints and interests in the society”;

  • third, offering a “representative picture” of society and its various groups;

  • fourth, educating the public on “the ideals towards which the community should strive”; and

  • fifth, making information available to everybody.

 Learn More

My Citizen Toolbox


Tracers are analytical tools designed to trace and evaluate the experiences within a given system, drawing inspiration from medical practices. They provide a framework for assessing standards compliance and system effectiveness based on real-life scenarios.

  • Tracking the developmental trajectory 

  • Tracking policy associated with the first 1000 days 

  • Follow the money in the opioid epidemic



Moonshot Press emphasizes the importance of reliable data in elevating deliberative conversations, moving them from subjective opinions to discussions based on verifiable and reproducible facts.

Knowledge Base: Providing evidence-based data and resources to support informed decision-making and optimal child development.

Citizen briefs with updated evidence based information

  • Biological​

  • Psychological 

  • Environmental

  • Social

  • Political 



Checklists are strategic tools introduced to facilitate action-taking and interaction with various stakeholders in the political process. They serve as guides for citizens to perform tasks, evaluate information, and make decisions with clarity and confidence.

Easy to use way to translate research to personal action

  • Easy to use way to translate research to personal action

  • Checklist for assessing media articles

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 Launching Montco PA First 1000 Days of Life 

The Institute for Salutogenesis, a new organization dedicated to fostering well-being and growth, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking initiative, "Thriving in Montco PA." This ambitious project  aims to revolutionize perinatal and early childhood health in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, setting a new standard for nurturing children's potential from the very first moments of life.

Learn More 

Take Action 

Moonshot Press is Launching soon.

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Get Personal 


Information and tools for personal well being

Get Social 

Information and tools for engaging in your community

Get Political 

Information and tools for engaging political locally and beyond

The Citizen Ecosystem   Stakeholder Spotlight
Mapping, visualizing and understanding the landscape and stakeholders associated with the political ecosystem

Moonshot Press is Launching soon.

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Why Democracy of Opportunity? The Role of the Media in American Democracy. 

Democracy of Opportunity recognizes the fundamental need to ensure equal opportunities, rights, and well-being for all individuals. It provides a comprehensive framework, tools, and resources that empower individuals to participate fully in society and foster engaged communities. By addressing systemic inequalities and breaking down social barriers, the initiative aims to create an environment that enables every citizen to flourish and actively contribute to shaping a vibrant and inclusive democracy.

The Challenge and Opportunity of Digital Technology and Social Media for Western Democracy

The Gutenberg Press, one of the most revolutionary inventions in human history, rapidly promoted the publication of religious texts—and pornography. The technology itself did not determine the future of the printing press, however; it was the people using it who unleashed its power. One of its most important offspring was the scientific journal, a venue for reliable, peer-reviewed sharing of information that launched the scientific revolution and ushered in the age of technology. Later, this ability to disseminate ideas and information across great distances made possible the reshaping of government by the collective efforts of ordinary people. This led to one of the most remarkable experiments in human ambition; the U.S. Constitution. The Federalist Papers and the works known as the Anti-Federalist papers, published in the New York press during the ratification process, offer striking examples of the importance for citizen engagement in the political process.

The Media and the COVID 19  Pandemic

On January 17, 2020, three days before the first COVID-19 case was identified in Washington state, and the Senate was preparing for Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, the CDC conducted a wide ranging Telebriefing Briefing to alert the press of the emerging novel (new) coronavirus and steps the agency was taking to contain its impact in the US. reporters representing the major news outlets participated in the virtual event and a number of reporters asked experts about the virus. The articles written in response to the briefing, setting the stage for reporting about one of the most consequential events of the past century, appeared in the back pages of the news outlets. As the virus led to COVID-19 and evolved into a pandemic, it met a rapidly changing media ecosystem. Reflecting the fractured political landscape of the US body politic, driven by financial challenges and the complexity of the COVID 19 pandemic, the press appeared to split into eco chambers that failed to provide a platform for reliable information, promote citizen public opinion and dialogue.

AI and the Future of Journalism

The successful integration of AI in journalism is not solely a technological question but a matter of preserving fundamental journalistic values in a transforming landscape. The future of news will depend on the ability of newsrooms to harness the potential of AI while upholding the enduring principles that grant the press its authority and its vital place in a democratic society.

Jaron Lanier: The Golden Calf, The Talmud and ChatGPT

The Talmudic way of writing is a unique approach to problem-solving that has been used by Jewish scholars for centuries. It is based on the idea that the best way to understand a subject is to study it from multiple angles and viewpoints. The Talmud is composed of a series of discussions and commentaries on the Torah. Each discussion centers around a particular issue or question, and then different sides of the argument are presented.


The Talmudic way of writing utilizes various techniques to help facilitate this kind of dialogue. One such technique is to use multiple columns or blocks of text on a single page. This allows for each side of the argument to be presented in its own block, so that readers can easily compare and contrast them. Additionally, the primary text is often surrounded by commentaries and interpretations from rabbinic scholars, providing further insight into the issue at hand.


From The Brandeis Brief to The Citizen Brief

​The Brandeis Brief was a groundbreaking legal document submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1908 in the landmark case of Muller v. Oregon. It was authored by Louis Brandeis, who later became a Supreme Court Justice, and his law partner Josephine Goldmark. The Brandeis Brief revolutionized the presentation of social science data and research in legal arguments.

The Brandeis Brief was significant because it relied on empirical evidence and sociological data to support legal arguments. It introduced an innovative approach to legal advocacy by incorporating social, economic, and scientific research to demonstrate the impact of labor conditions on the health and well-being of women workers. This approach helped shape the Court's decision and contributed to the establishment of protective labor laws for women.

In the context of the Citizen Brief, the Brandeis Brief serves as a valuable guide. Just as the Brandeis Brief utilized empirical evidence to influence legal decisions, the Citizen Brief aims to provide citizens with clear, concise, and accessible information on important societal issues. 


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